Great Uncle Stilton


Horrific Tales of Great Uncle Stilton


TEEN FICTION (12a) !!!This is a brilliant book!!! The Horrific tale Great Uncle Stilton is a story of Accidents, of Violence, of Young Love and Loads of Money. Great Uncle Stilton wasn’t really killed. Not exactly. He didn’t totally die. Something of him still remains. Gary is an ordinary teenage boy. His dad, also called Gary, died when he was young. He wishes his dad was still around but he has a loving mum and two great brothers. It’s when Gary finds out how his father died, that things really start to hot up. Sarah says she is a fairly ordinary girl with a fairly ordinary life but things change rapidly. Her whole life is turned upside down by an extraordinary series of events. Stilton is a complete and utter… Well, maybe you should make your own mind up.